Maths & Physics


I have taught a (incomplete) series of lectures Introduction to General Relativity for Enthusiast during Michaelmas 2019 at DAMTP, Cambridge. Please refer to the standalone page: Intro to GR

This year, I am teaching Theoretical Physics at Trinvolutionists’ Summer School on Theoretical Sciences 2020, co-organised by Jinghao Men and me. Please refer to the standalone page.


TP201: Introduction to General Relativity — Notes (up to Section 8)

Lecture Recordings (only a part uploaded): Lec1 Lec2 Lec3 Lec4 Lec5 Lec6 Lec7

Part III Maths Seminar Series

Michaelmas 2020 — 4th Dec 2020: Part III Seminar Talk on Holographic Entanglement Entropy. Slides available here. Notes available here.

Lent 2021 — 19th Mar 2021: Part III Seminar Talk on Quantum Hall Effect. Slides available here.

New Personal LaTeX2e Package

I’ve developed a personal template package for notes/books typesetting, they are zyanstd (generic package) and zyancamlec (dedicated for lecture notes taken at University of Cambridge). Ask me for a copy and further information.

The notes/books below are mainly updated to use this template.

Notes Taken

Notes/Books Written

Though this is for Chemistry, I still included it.

This is a book I wrote when I was doing A-Levels. I think it would be helpful for A-Level Students who would like to know more about Physics, especially for those who would like to do Physics mathematically. My friend Mr. Jinghao Men is working on the English edition right now. It will be available soon!