Hello, everyone! I am Zihan Yan (闫子涵) from China. I study in the UK.

I am a first-year PhD student in Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics at DAMTP, University of Cambridge. Also, I have been a member of Trinity College, Cambridge since 2017.

Previously, I did my BA and MMath at Trinity College, Cambridge, as well.

The two main purposes of this site are:

  1. Let more people get to know me
  2. Share my ideas with people

I have written/taken some notes on Mathematics and Physics, ranging from A-Levels to third year undergraduate courses. I would keep updating these notes.

Furthermore, I am interested in teaching/tutoring and organizing seminars/workshops in Maths or Physics. I hope to find more people who are also interested in these. Update: Now I am a PhD student, I offer supervisions to undergraduate Mathmos. I am supervising Part II Principles of Quantum Mechanics in 2021-2022.

In addition, my friends and I created a science society in China (mainly for high school students and undergrads) called OmniaScientiae. Click “OmniaScientiae” in main menu for more details.

Download Full CV Here


Theoretical Physics

Major interests in Black Hole Thermodynamics, Supergravity, Holography and Quantum Gravity.


Major interests in Differential Geometry and Topology.


2021 – Present

DAMTP, University of Cambridge

PhD Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics, Research Focus:

  • Black Hole Entropy and Entanglement Entropy
  • More to be explored…

2017 – 2021

University of Cambridge

MMath Mathematics and BA Physics, Course Taken:

  • Part IA: Physics, Maths, Chemistry and CompSci
  • Part IB: Physics A, Physics B and Maths
  • Part II: Physics
  • Part III: Mathematics, specialising in Theoretical Physics

2015 – 2017

St John’s College, Cardiff

GCE A-Level: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry